Mastering Gephi for Network Analysis

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Mastering Gephi for Network Analysis

Alessandro Zonin
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is one of the most popular open source software for social network analysis and viewing, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has been defined as "Photoshop ™ Graphs" and allows you to embed data in different formats, but also from simple spreadsheets.

The workshop will enable participants to master the main features of the tool.

Learning objectives

  • Social Network Analysis overview

  • Importing data

  • Main supported file formats (CSV, Spreadsheet, GEXF)

  • Exporting data

  • Gephi from A to Z

  • Attributes, Filters and Ranking

  • Plugins and layouts

  • Tools for data conversion format: Open Refine


Basic knowledge of graph theory.

Course Materials

  • 100+ minutes of recorded video

  • 50+ slides with speaker notes

  • 6 datasets

About the instructor

Alessandro Zonin is a sociologist, working as a Social Media Strategy Leader.

Passionate about Social Network Analysis and interested its the practical applications as the identification of key roles within social media and organizational networks.

Alessandro is a Verified Gephi trainer and TEDx speaker.

Know him better on alessandrozonin.wordpress.com.

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